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Over the years, we have been providing services for the registration of residence permits in Ukraine for foreign citizens and stateless persons. We suggest you contact our specialists who will prepare the necessary documents for obtaining a temporary or permanent residence permit, if you have a reason. The most popular bases are business, volunteering, marriage and religion. Please go to the link below on the page of the base you are interested in and select the appropriate package.

Residence permit
Residence permit

Residence permit, documents for registration of a residence permit, grounds for the registration of a residence permit

ИНН код
Identification Code

Obtaining the identification code, documents for obtaining the identification code, help in obtaining

Разрешение на трудоустройство
Work permit

Assistance in Obtaining the Foreigner Work Permit

Защита интересов иностранных граждан
Protection of interests of foreign citizens

Legal protection of interests of foreign citizens, lawyer services

  • Residence Permit in Ukraine

    In accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On the Legal Status of Foreigners", the right to temporary residence permits is granted to foreign nationals who arrived in Ukraine with the aim of...

  • Obtaining Identification Code for Foreigners in Ukraine

    Obtaining the identification code by foreigners is regulated by the Law of Ukraine "On State Register of Individual Payers of Taxes and Other Mandatory Payments."

  • Foreigner Work Permit in Ukraine

    The Foreigner Work Permit is an official document issued by the competent authority, which allows the alien to work in the territory of Ukraine.

  • Residence Permit in Ukraine - Business

    According to Ukrainian legislation, a foreigner or a stateless person may stay on the territory of Ukraine limited period of time: cumulative of 90 days within 180 days from the date of first entry...

  • Residence Permit by Volunteering in Ukraine

    Working as a volunteer is rather hard but complemental work. We are always proud of the people who are self-denying in helping others. It is not a secret that social protection, health services in Ukraine lag behind the ones in Europe or the USA.

  • Residence Permit by Marriage in Ukraine

    Marriage to a foreigner is not just a lovely ceremony, guests and a restaurant. For everything to be formal it is necessary to prepare a number of documents.