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Visa D Ukraine

A visa is an authorization document that gives the right to cross the border and enter the country in a certain status.

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Visa “D” is a special long-term type of visa that is intended to enter Ukraine in order to obtain a residence permit. This type of visa can be issued for a maximum period of 90 days.

Ukraine D visa processing time.

The term for consideration of an application for a D visa in Ukraine is from 1 working day.

Ukraine D visa requirements

The first thing to understand is that a type D visa can be obtained only after passing the immigration path and if there are all necessary grounds. The visa D is the last step for a foreign citizen on the way to obtaining a permanent or temporary residence permit. One must have all the grounds and documents for obtaining this type of visa and a temporary or permanent residence permit. Obtaining a visa “D” is almost as difficult as obtaining a residence permit itself.

Documents required for getting all type of visa D

  • Notarized translation of the passport into Ukrainian,
  • Photo,
  • Visa application form,
  • Medical insurance for the entire duration of the visa,
  • Pre-registration for submission to the embassy, consulate or visa center in your country, link for the appointment http://visa.mfa.gov.ua,
  • A document confirming the payment of the visa fee. The cost of the visa fee can be checked at the embassy website,
  • International passport

Depending on the purpose of obtaining a visa, additional documents may be required:

  • Work permit
  • Immigration permit
  • Other documents relevant to the purpose of your long-term stay

Ukraine’s embassies in some countries and cities don’t accept documents directly. In some cases, submission of the application takes place through the VFS Global visa centers, where you also need to register online.

Important! Pay attention to the passport: it must be valid for at least 3 months after the date of departure from Ukraine indicated in the application form; there must be at least 2 free pages and the passport must be valid for no more than 10 years.

If in the visa application form you have not marked the item on self-financing of your stay in Ukraine, you also should take the following documents to the embassy:

  • statement from bank accounts concerning current balance or checks from the ATM with current balance of your cards,
  • copies of your cards front side.

The amount of your current balance should be about $ 4,900. This amount is stated by law as a minimum for a foreigners for the duration of the visa D (90 days). This requirement is especially relevant for countries with a special format for obtaining visas.