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Registration of a Foreign Company Representative Office in Ukraine

Assistance in Opening of the Representative Office

Foreign companies and organizations may carry out their activities in the territory of the Ukrainian state through separate representative offices, such as a branch office. The representative office of a foreign company is not endowed with the legal personality, but it has its own bank account and a seal and can perform the parent company functions on the territory of Ukraine.

In Ukraine, the registration of representative offices of foreign companies is made by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine (formerly - the Ministry of Economy).

The range of services provided by us includes registration of representative offices of foreign companies:

  • preparation of the necessary documents for submission to government agencies;
  • accreditation of the foreign company representative office with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine;
  • registration with the tax office and the relevant funds at its location, if the representative office will conduct commercial activities;
  • making a seal.


For the purpose of the representative office registration by an authorized person the following documents are required:

  • the application for opening of the foreign company representative office (in any form);
  • an extract from the bank (trade) registry, where the non-resident's governing body is located;
  • the application of a non-resident for opening the P-type account for the foreign company representative office;
  • a power of attorney authorizing to conduct certain functions of foreign companies on the territory of Ukraine;
  • a contract of the office space lease;
  • copies of the passport and the identification code of a director and a chief accountant of the foreign company's representative office;
  • a copy of the non-resident's permit to open a representative office if the legislation of the state where the non-resident is located requires so.

The representative office registration certificate is issued no later than two months from the date of documents submitting and paying the fees.

The cost of services rendered in the representative office registration is? (the representative office must be in the city of Kiev).

The price does not include the stamp duty paid during the representative office registration, notary fees and translation costs, as well as the seal production cost.