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Company and Business Registration in Kiev

The vast experience and good reputation of our law firm provide a full range of services for business registration in Ukraine.

Modern rules of business relations require a business to be more and more transparent. These transparent business activities are based on avoiding shadow operations and on official company registration process. Such companies’ actions indicate their focus on a long-term cooperation.

Having considered our daily experience of business registration and a great number of consultations, we have developed a package of services which make the process of incorporation in Ukraine easier. That package of services is suitable for all typical situations. It is good for entrepreneurs who are quite aware of legal language. We offer them documents verification and deliver them from the necessity of standing in long lines. Our package of services is as well suitable for those starting their way in enterprising. We will make sure that they set up their business safely and do not make typical mistakes.

It takes a few steps to register a company in our country. The first one is to choose the form of legal entity’s incorporation. In the majority of cases, you have to form a legal entity first. There are various legal entity types. You may create a private enterprise, a limited liability company called LLC of Ltd sometimes, a public joint stock company (called open joint stock company till 2009) or private joint stock company (called closed joint stock company till 2009), a public limited company or a branch office, as well as other forms of ownership.

A large number of law firms offer the service of registering a business in Ukraine, but not all of them guarantee a fully successful result. One of the most common problems faced by the companies which help to register a business is failing to meet terms set for business registration in Kiev. Such delays make the clients lose their time and money, of course.

Our legal services corporation guarantees that business registration in Kiev meets the deadlines set out in services agreement. Our company aims for a fruitful and long-term cooperation, so we guarantee a high quality of services.

Company registration is a very important step in your life. It can be the beginning of great victories, as well as ups and downs. To secure the promotion of your business and keep yourself from severe disappointment you should contact the experts of our organization and we will stand to protect your business from bureaucracy in various establishments. We will help to overcome the red tape and keep you from boring and routine procedures that take an enormous amount of time you can devote to your family or work.

What It Takes to Register a Company in Kiev

You do not need any special legal knowledge to register a company with our assistance, including LLC or a company with limited liability (called TOV in Ukraine). All you have to do is to prepare the package of documents necessary to register a new business and come to our office. You can specify the list of documents when you contact us by phone.

Before you set up a business, you have to choose the legal form of your enterprise. The legal form determines the relationship between the owners, state control of enterprise activities, and the taxes you are going to pay. Once your company is registered, it will cost you extra money to change its form.

If you contact us, our specialists will keep you from various obscure procedures connected with setting up a small business or opening a holding company. We will help you in creating your company as well as getting qualified accounting services and receiving all the necessary certification and licensing of your business.

LLC Registration in Ukraine

LLC or limited liability company is one of legal entity types which implies the division of the registered capital of the company into the shares (participatory inputs), the amount of which is set in the company's charter. At the moment, LLC (called TOV or OOO in Ukraine) is the most common form of legal entity in the country.

Opening an LLC is a good variant to start a joint activity with several companies or people. Ukrainian legislation allows to register LLC with one member who can perform the functions of company’s founder, director, and accountant.

It is quite simple to open a limited liability company in Ukraine comparing to other legal forms. You can find the requirements for the documents and charter fund stated in the corporate legislation of Ukraine.

You might as well be interested in opening a limited partnership or a general partnership. Such legal forms have their advantages and peculiarities of registration.

It goes without saying that if you know how to register a company by yourself, you can do that. You may as well contact our specialists who definitely know all the ins and outs of the registration system. In any case, it is advisable to get a preliminary consultation. Registration of LLC provides a wide field of activity for big and medium-sized businesses. This form of organization can deal with almost any kind of activity.

Business registration in Kiev is one of the main activities of our law firm. Our highly-qualified lawyers know the procedure of business registration to the last detail and they will carry out all activities connected with registration accurately and without unnecessary delays. The whole process of registration will take place in the shortest time and it doesn’t matter whether it is VAT included or the simplified tax system. You will be pleasantly surprised about our prices.

 If you want to know how the process takes place from within, our law services corporation can offer you a simplified package of services for the legal entity registration. You will get detailed advice on the necessary registration procedures. Our experts will prepare the incorporating documents. Once you have officially registered your business, you will get your ID in the register of legal entities (Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs.)

If you are interested in the qualitative result, our association is at your service. LLC registration and procedures associated with company creation are our direct professional duty.

Join Stock Company (JSC) and Its Registration Procedure

The registration of a Joint Stock Company is very similar to the registration of a Limited Liability Company. The only difference in a formation of a joint stock company is the final step which means stock issue and distribution between the incorporators.

According to the legislation of Ukraine, one or more persons may be the founders of the joint stock company. It can be either an individual or a legal entity including foreign legal entity (residents and non-residents).

Registering as a Self-Employed Person

We have mentioned before that it is crucial to choose the legal form at the initial stage of business. The easiest legal form to register is a private entrepreneur. You should keep in mind that being self-employed doesn’t mean being a legal entity. The issue of registering as self-employed person, an individual, is becoming more and more popular considering the new Tax Code becoming effective and changes in the single tax rate. Both medium-sized and big business entities are getting more interested in this information.

A sole proprietor is the most convenient and practical legal form which does not imply a registered office and registered capital. In most cases, such form is very favourable for first-time and small entrepreneurs because it allows a person to register sole proprietorship at the place of residence. In general, both the registration procedure and taxation of the sole proprietorship is convenient. In addition, a sole proprietor can use different types of taxation, depending on the chosen activity. That may be single tax rate, general tax, or general tax including VAT. Registration as a sole proprietor will keep you from spending too much time and money for accounting because it is simpler in this form.

During the consultations the lawyers of our law firm will draw your attention to various nuances. Eventually, all your future activities will depend on the successful registration of your business. We can also provide our services if a foreign citizen or a citizen without a residence permit wants to set up a business. You can also use our services to receive a work permit.

Our lawyers will help you register your business as soon as practicable and at a reasonable price.

Registration of business activity is the first essential step in the creation of your own company. You should not put at risk your business reputation and your activities, because making mistakes does not affect your business favourably.