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Intellectual Property Protection Law Firm

Nakaz as an intellectual property law firm offers its services for registration of intellectual property rights to protect your works from third-party infringement.

Taking into consideration the rapid development of information technologies, you should consider the option of securing your works to yourself. You have spent many years working hard to build a reputation and win the trust of your clients. You made your name the guarantee of quality and you may lose it all at once. And the reason is quite simple. One day you might learn that someone else is using your name, providing services under your sign, and using your invention. It means you have failed in protecting intellectual property rights.

It’s high time for you to contact an intellectual property lawyer to register your intellectual property rights by law. It’s time for consulting lawyers to get the legal protection of your rights. It must be mentioned that the issue of intellectual property rights protection is one of the most popular requests on the Internet.

The Nakaz law group’s services associated with intellectual property rights will allow you to choose the necessary type of registration. If you provide services or make products under the individual mark or name, you should register a trademark. If you came up with a unique method of production of something, discovered or invented something new, then you need to receive a patent for a design or a utility model. If you are a creative personality and you wrote a book, a script, or a poetry, then registration of copyright is what you have to do.

In case you are just getting started and you do not know whether such names or marks already exist, you may as well contact our agency and order the service of the preliminary check of existing trademarks. If you are entering the international arena, you need to register the international trademark, which may be carried out by our highly educated and experienced specialists.

In our law practice of comprehensive services, we have repeatedly dealt with various contracts associated with trademarks and other subjects of intellectual property law.

Intellectual property is interpreted as the result of a creative or intellectual activity of one person or a group of several persons.

The intellectual property rights legally attach the rights for the results of intellectual activity in various spheres like science, industry, arts, production and so on.

Securing of your legal rights for the intellectual property is crucial nowadays. If you take care of your intellectual property rights in the era of technology innovation, it keeps you from numerous problems connected with intellectual property theft.

Our law firm provides the following services associated with securing intellectual property rights.

  • copyright;
  • license agreement;
  • preliminary search;
  • trademark registration.

Here is the list of the intellectual property objects:

  • industrial property rights (utility models, inventions, innovations, industrial designs, trademarks and images as a form of the trademark);
  • copyright (computer programs, literary works, photographic works, databases, maps);
  • topographies of integrated circuits;
  • the right to animal breeds and plant varieties;
  • related rights (e.g. music records, performers);
  • the right of commercial and trade names;
  • rights to geographical indications;
  • commercial secret.

The intellectual property rights are based on the legal principles including ownership, disposition and use rights for the results of creative and intellectual activity. Since intellectual property subjects matters are material goods, they are reserved after their creator in the event of official confirmation. The use by other persons is only possible in agreement with the copyright holder unless otherwise provided by law.

Taking into consideration the onrush of technology and global Internet, the protection of intellectual property rights is a burning issue and such protection is foreseen by the laws of Ukraine. You should contact a qualified attorney if you have become a victim of intellectual property infringement. Our specialists will provide a counsel on litigation if necessary. We will as well help in the licensing process. The services we provide depend on each intellectual property subjects matter and, therefore, it is advisable to contact us for personal discussion.

Our specialists in Kiev believe that the customized approach is the guarantee of our successful law practice. We respect the time of each of our clients and, therefore, we do our best to fulfill our duties as soon as it is legally possible and meet all the deadlines. We guarantee fair practices and complete dedication to your case.