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Apostille Stamp and Certification for Documents

If you want to make your official documents valid abroad you have to get them certified by apostille. An apostille is a special stamp which is attached to the non-commercial documents issued by one state for their legalization in the territory of another state.

The Department of Justice in the region which issues the document must set a special seal on the documents. Such a seal is obligatory to be set on birth certificate, marriage and divorce certificate, and death certificate. In case, you do not have a possibility to set that seal our law firm will do that for you.

Ukraine joined the Hague Convention in 2003. Due to the Convention the consular certification was abolished. A number of countries use apostilization instead. So the Hague Convention has significantly facilitated the procedure of document legalization.

The apostille is attached to the original documents (sometimes to the notarized copies of the documents). It’s either attached to the spot free of text or to the overleaf of the document. It can also be attached to a separate sheet of paper which is then sewn to the document.

In Ukraine, we attach the apostille to your documents.

Depending on the document, the following authorities in Ukraine attach the apostille:

  • the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • the Ministry of Justice
  • the Ministry of Education.

The need for an apostille of documents arises when you need to provide a document to the authorities of another state. For example, your diploma is valid only in the territory of Ukraine. If you want it to be valid abroad you have to order the legal services for diploma legalization. Or, for instance, you will need the apostille stamp for marriage certificate to avoid legal problems abroad.

The apostille may be attached to the following documents:

  • non-conviction certificate and other documents issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • household membership certificate according to the place of residence;
  • medical certificates.
  • document issued by Civil Registration Office (marriage certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate etc.).
  • notarial documents (declarations, warrants of attorney);
  • Diplomas, academic transcripts, archival letters of verification;
  • incorporation documents (certificates of state registration, memorandums, articles of incorporation);
  • licenses, permits, patents.

The main condition for obtaining the apostille is a non-profit nature of the document. You cannot attach an apostille to the state and consular papers, administrative records related to commercial, financial, and customs operations.

You have to obtain consular certification for the non-member countries of the Hague Convention.

The consular legalization includes:

  • the seals of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice
  • the document translation and its notarization
  • the sealing by the consulate of the source document country

Sometimes it is necessary to prove the validity of the text received as the result of the translation, and its accuracy as well. In such cases, you have to make a certified translation of the document. It means you have to provide translator’s signature verified by a notary.

Contact us to clarify the list of the documents which might undergo our legalization service in Kiev

We cooperate both with the individuals and the legal entities. The lists of documents for the legalization vary depending on the organisation legal form. Please note that for the legal entities the cost of our services is higher than for the individuals.

Of course, the apostille is a time-consuming and quite complicateв procedure to the majority of people. Every single country requires a certain kind of apostille and each ministry has its own peculiarities of obtaining the documents. Therefore, we offer you notary and apostille services on notary documents and documents issued by the Visa and Registration for Foreigners Offices.

Our qualified and experienced specialists will help you in the legalization and notarization of your documents. Contact us if you have no desire to waste your time. We offer informative consultations and the best way to get the international certification of your documents.